About The Hills Public School

In the new circumstances of modern life where a thorough change and reform is needed, it is felt that Schools imparting education are not up to the mark. The main objective of the school is to enliven the religious and lingual international spirit and to retain and cultivate the tradition of Co-Education amongst the students. Moreover, the school possesses its singularity in producing the students of outstanding merits.

  • To build a career for self-employment.
  • To improve knowledge through new technological information.
  • Easy Fees installment facility.
  • Professional education by qualified & experience instructor.
  • To reward national level certificate to student after the course.
  • To unique environment and infrastructure to study.
  • To provide course materials, education in Hindi & English to cover maximum Benefits to students.

High Hills Public School campus is meticulously planned. The infrastructure and the academicians are providing the best of inputs for education and extra-curricular activities. The campus is well equipped with well-planned buildings, Laboratories, Computer Centre, Library, Auditorium, and Student Centre.

The High Hills philosophy is to focus on the satisfaction of child’s inquisitive mind through concept clarity. We believe in preserving the innocence in every child through personalized tender care that helps the child to handle the day to day situation,without any stress thus giving him a strong foundation for his success in life

High Hills focuses on the naturally evolving rhythm of learning as Teachers. We have to be alive and sensitive to the child so that, at every point, we are in touch with the child’s learning process.Out of this process grows the curriculum. Our curriculum  remains open ended and flexible, always reflecting the dynamism of learning and growing. Yet, the children must learn the facts and figures that will equip them to enter what is called to ‘Real World’. And so, we strive for a curriculum  that remains open-ended and non-rigidly structured.

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Why Choose High Hills Public School


We are offering Mobile app for Student,Parent & Teacher with following features

For Student/Parent

  • Separate login facilty
  • View Attendance
  • VIew Homework
  • View student performance and marks
  • Bus live tracking system with GPS enabled device
  • School information,Fee structure,Teacher’s Information,Time table and more…
  • Leave request option
  • School Gallery
  • And More……


High Hills Public School Provides Instant Notification and SMS service for Prent/Gaurdians